Don’t toy with us!

We like our toys. In fact, Krissy and I personally think a hound can never have too many toys! 🙂





Mine ………








Solo Krissy toys


Solo Krissy toys 2



Sometimes we share ………



Sometimes we don’t ………


And sometimes it’s all too much ………


Solo Christmas Day resized Solo relaxed with a few toys





Computer woes…

Mum’s having computer trouble. The desktop PC needs to go to the repairman, and the laptop wouldn’t boot last night and this morning. Dad’s had a look at it and managed to get it going for her, so we’re posting a few quick photos to let everyone know we’re still here! 🙂


Dad was out yesterday. I trotted to the gate to see whether he was coming home yet…


I did big zoomies round the garden yesterday. I did even bigger zoomies today, but Mum didn’t have the camera with her 🙂


How long is my tongue! 🙂


It’s nice out in the garden – but I like Mum or Dad to be with me…


I feel happeeeeee! 🙂


snooze time…..zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Well, it’s been a weird sort of day. Now Mum says she has to get back to work, and I need to do some serious napping.

Bye for now… 🙂






What is this golden thing in the sky?

Well, we’ve still been getting a fair bit of rain but then a couple of days ago — the sun came out! I think Mum was more shocked than I was. She got all excited and did a little dance then she took me to the beach.

Here are some photos she took: and, shock horror – I’m not in all of them!

Mum calls this the “river” and Dad calls it the “stream”. Don’t ask me, I’m just the dog!


Ah, yes. The beach is down there, somewhere… 🙂


There it is! 🙂


This is the end of the beach – and look! Blue sky!


Aaaah! Smell that sea air…


When we were walking the beach, we saw this goldy-green thing gleaming in the distance. Mum couldn’t wait to get up close – though I was a bit more cautious. Look what we found!


Isn’t it wonderful? Mum called it the Leg Less Logster!


Mmmmm…… sunshine!


Methinks Mum is hinting that she wants a little sit down…


Now Mum’s getting all arty… I think the sun’s gone to her head.


One last look round before we head home…


Home again! Walked and fed. Tired now…..


‘Bye for now! 🙂













Ark needed – minimum of 3 settees + WiFi

Well, as you can probably tell, it’s still been raining a lot. Here are a couple of photos Mum took last week.

Well, I won’t be going out in this…

Nope. I definitely don’t do that sort of rain…

Mum’s been making more grumbling noises about arks, and she showed me some pictures on the Internet. I thought they looked pretty neat – though I’m not sure about having to share with all those animals. Mum assured me I wouldn’t have to – though I thought that perhaps just a few houndy mates might be nice. Then we could go zoomies round and round the deck. (Um, perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that here.)

I would have to insist on a minimum of three settees, because I do like my comfort, and I like to be able to lounge on different vantage points during the day, depending on what sort of mood I’m in, and what Mum and Dad are up to. I like to keep an eye on them, you see.

The other day, there was what Mum called “a window of opportunity” in the weather i.e. it wasn’t currently pelting with rain, so we made it to the beach and back. WHOOPEE!  The beach is still there! And there were lots of interesting new smells for me to sniff.

Hmm…. Getting out of the front gate at last.

Keeping an eye out over the paddocks… those cattle weren’t there before,

When we got to the bridge, I spotted some strange shapes coming towards us. They turned out to be horses. I must admit I freaked a little bit, and Mum took me to the other side of the road until they’d all gone past. Phew!

Freaky! Mum said they were called “horses”. They were very big!

Just checking that those horses have really gone…

Heyyy! We made it to the beach – and it’s not raining yet!

Looks like rain’s coming again soon. Better encourage Mum to get a move on…

I think those horses were here, Mum…

Aah… Mum, the beach, no rain – and dinner when I get home. Perfect! 🙂

I have very mobile ears…

… and as you can see, they work independently 🙂

After we got back from our lovely walk to the beach, it rained really heavily again. But by then, I didn’t care. 🙂


‘Bye for now….. 🙂

Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain………

Yes, it’s raining. Still. It’s wet. Very.

It’s been raining for about two days and nights now, on and off. Mum keeps muttering about Noah, and arks, and I’ve really no idea what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t seem very happy. Dad chirps in with, “At least it’s not cold!” but that doesn’t seem to be going down very well, either.

The garden is almost flooded. Mum takes me out round the garden last thing at night and she wears plastic shoes on bare feet. She sloshes when she walks, but that’s OK because so do I. It’s not really terribly pleasant, but I forbear.

Mum took me out this evening for my pre-dinner walk and the rain was hammering down (so, nothing different there): we strolled up the road to the cattle yards and then strolled back again. Mum gets much wetter than me, as I have my lovely, snuggly raincoat, and she doesn’t. tee hee hee

Dad thought it was so funny that he took a couple of photos of us when we got back…

Spot the drowned rats…

Yep, still raining. Is Mum SMILING???

Checking out the weather. Rain? Check. (Noticing the trend?)

I didn’t want to completely depress you, so here are a few photos of me taken before the latest rainy weather arrived…

Mooching in the garden…

Gotta check out where those possums have been in the night…

Hmm… Is that a sheep in the distance? Or is it a suspiciously large, fluffy white cat…? (Not that I want to give anyone the impression that I chase cats! I’m MUCH better behaved than that…)  🙂

WHAT??? You mean it’s raining AGAIN?

OK, if it’s still raining, how about a game, instead? 🙂

Hmm… C’mon, Mum! I’ll begin without you! 🙂

Sleepy time: but don’t forget — I’ve got my eye on you!

Bye for now! 🙂