We’re baaaaaack! (And we have some news.)

We’re here, we’re here! It’s been a quiet year, especially as I wasn’t allowed to do zoomies because I’d torn the cruciate ligament in my knee… But I’m much better now, and … we have some exciting news…

Here’s a little collage showing the newest addition to our family… She is a black greyhound, called Tess, and she is 9½ years old. As soon as we saw a photo of her on the adoption page, we fell in love with her, and, literally days later, she came to live with us in her Forever home…

Tess has been with us for almost three weeks now, and she has settled in perfectly: we love her to pieces and hope she can enjoy a long and happy life here with us, Krissy and Solo…




8 thoughts on “We’re baaaaaack! (And we have some news.)

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  2. YAY!!! We have missed you badly!!!! And what a fantastic addition to the family you have! We want lots and lots of piccies and stories about Krissy, Solo and Tess!

  3. Woo Hoo!! Krissy an Solo you have a new Sisfur inn Tess!!!
    Wishin youss’ many happy years together!!!
    ***paw patsss*** Siddhartha Henry xxxx an (((hugs))) LadyMum

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