Nite-nite from me.....

Nite-nite from me…..


and nite-nite from Krissy.....

and nite-nite from Krissy…..





20 thoughts on “Nite-nite…..

  1. Nitey night, boys and girls. We’re off to bed too – I think Billie is already snuggling on the bed with Mike, April is in her bean bag beside the bed, and Rupert is snoring his head off on the couch! Where am I going to sleep???

  2. AWWWWW, this is nocturnal beauty pure! You are after teeth cleaning but where are your pyjamas and blankies? And the goodnight kisses?

    • Aah, kolytyi – the secret is that Krissy and I go to sleep, then we get up again last thing at night to go toilet outside – then Mum puts our jammies and blankies on us and we go BACK to sleep 🙂

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