Fun in the garden

We had a couple of weeks of pretty warm weather just after Christmas, so Dad was walking me really early in the morning, and Mum didn’t take me out until late evening, as I got too hot.

I watched with some interest while Dad went to the trouble of patching the bottom of the inflatable paddling pool, as it sprang a small leak last summer. When Dad had finished, Mum heaved it out under the trees in the garden, then she half-filled it with water. Well, despite the fact that I did have a little paddle in it last summer, this year I completely refused to go anywhere near it… I have decided I don’t care much for paddling. Mum left it there for a while but she’s eventually conceded defeat, and she emptied it the other day.

Luckily for all of us, the weather has turned a wee bit cooler, and most days there is a nice cool breeze blowing, as well, so I go zoomies round the garden whenever I feel like it (usually before I go for a walk with Dad in the mornings).

There were some lovely people from Auckland holidaying in the village a few weeks ago. They had brought their two dogs with them, Bijou, the collie, and Flash, who, joy of joys! – was a greyhound! Here are some pictures of our play-date in the garden.

Bijou the collie trying to round me up :-)

Bijou the collie trying to round me up 🙂

Getting my own back on Bijou

Getting my own back on Bijou

Getting our breath back...

Getting our breath back…

Flash, me and Bijou mooching round the garden...

Flash, me and Bijou mooching round the garden…

Me and Flash - Flash is a mature gent; he is ten years old :-)

Me and Flash – Flash is a mature gent; he is ten years old 🙂

I think Bijou was secretly trying to round us up again... :-)

I think Bijou was secretly trying to round us up again… 🙂

Getting to know one another...

Getting to know one another…

Me and Flash - aren't we a handsome pair?

Me and Flash – aren’t we a handsome pair?

End of the day... We all had a fabulous time! :-)

End of the day… We all had a fabulous time! 🙂

Here I am having a bit of a zoom round the garden this morning before my walk. I had a great time…

Whoops! Mum nearly missed me! :-)

Whoops! Mum nearly missed me! 🙂



I'm on a roll, now...

I’m on a roll, now…

Off for my walk with Dad, now. Bye! 🙂

Solo garden gate 6


23 thoughts on “Fun in the garden

    • Hello, Jasper and Nellie – lovely to see you! I think it’s been hotter where you are than it’s been up here. I hope it cools down for you soon.

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  1. that second to last photo is fantastic. isn’t it wonderful to have other dogs to play with?! I wish I had the chance more often. deccy x

    • Hello, Deccy! Yes, I had a great time playing with these two – I was sorry when they had to go home (though it was nice to slump on my bed for a long snooze!) I know what you mean, Deccy. There aren’t many pet dogs round here. This was my very first play date since I’ve been here, and it was very nice.

      Solo 🙂

  2. Reply from ‘Ann the human’.. I really loved the story and photos. You are a very lucky boy Solo to have such a lovely big garden to do Zoomies in.. I hope you get more occasions when you can have some play dates. Bijou, Flash and yourself are all handsome doggies. My sister has Greyhound/Collie puppies,I sat puppies but they are now 7 years old,. Being half Greyhound/Collie they round you up very quickly ,Hee hee. Well done to your Mummy Mo for her efforts in trying to keep you cool with the paddling pool . Maybe next time a very fine spray with the hosepipe could help? love Ann the human xx

    • Hello, Ann! I bet it’s a bit warmer here than it is where you are right now! 🙂 Greyhound/collie crosses sound like they’d be a bit of a handful to me! But they might be fun to play with…

      And please don’t mention the hosepipe! I wandered out onto the deck one day when Mum was watering the flowers and I inadvertently got caught by the spray. Never again! I tell you, I was back inside so fast, I certainly lived up to my breed.

      Love and licks from Solo 🙂

    • Hello, Easy – how are you? Now Mum’s got a computer that works, I must tell her to come over and ‘see’ you on your blog. I am so out of touch! Yes, wouldn’t it be a wonderful day if all we doggy-bloggers from around the world could get together and have a great play-date! It would be the best time ever! 🙂

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  3. That looked like great fun Solo – it is good you have a big garden to run in because having some greyhound pals at the park I know you can really cover the ground when you get going!
    I’m with you – hate water!

    • Hello, Zena! Aah… it’s good to meet someone else who likes keeping their paws dry. 🙂 Yes, I am lucky indeed to have lots of space to run around in.

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  4. We love having Greyhound friends to play with, too! It doesn’t happen too often for us, but when it does, it’s fantastic! You two certainly are a handsome pair of hounds, and Bijou is a cutie!


    • Hello, Bunny, Mum took 170 photos of my play-date, because, like you, it rarely happens for me. Flash and Bijou were both great fun to play with, and no one played rough . 🙂

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  5. What a relief that I don’t have to decide who has won the “Widest and sweetest smile” contest! You and your two friends look sooooooooo incredibly happy and beautiful! You should have friends or rather brothers to play with them!

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