Spare a thought…

…… for all our friends in Australia, who are suffering dangerously high temperatures and devastating fires right now.

I hope everyone is safe and well, and staying inside out of that terrible heat. Let’s all hope the weather changes for the better, and cooler, really soon.

Solo xxx


10 thoughts on “Spare a thought…

  1. Floyd and I are getting cabin fever from being stuck inside for days. It’s too hot to do anything outside… ‘cept you business… BOL!

    • Hello, Dougall and Floyd. It was a little bit hot here a couple of weeks ago, and we still have all the fans in the house going, as we don’t have air-conditioning. 😦
      I’m glad you guys are safe indoors – bored or not, it’s better than being out!

      Take care!

      Solo xxx

  2. I hope all are well “down under”. We currently have such a mist that the whole world is invisible. Maybe we can mix up our weather with yours? Could be interesting… Have a wonderful Sunday, dear Solo ;o)

    • Hello Easy – it’s so nice to see you here. Here in New Zealand we are fine at the moment – our weather tends to remind my Mum more of England than anywhere else! In Australia the weather is a worry, though. I think Australia could do with some of your mist!

      Big hugs from Solo πŸ™‚

    • Hello, Bunny – thanks for popping by! Yes, we have fingers and paws crossed for everyone over in Australia. It’s a very worrying time for everyone there.

      WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

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