It was the moon made me do it! (… and other things)

It’s been a funny couple of weeks. Recently there was a phenomenon known as a Blue Moon. You can look on the Internet for the various definitions of ‘Blue Moon’, but the most common one seems to be “the appearance of two full moons in one calendar month”. Mum says it’s actually far more complicated than that, but that will do for me.

Well, we all know that the moon makes us do funny things. Naturally, we hounds are no exception to that rule. Mum thinks that I should list here the things the moon made me do quite recently (things which Mum is quite happy to acknowledge are very out of character for me).

Lunar Towel and Oven Glove Removal. Now, normally, these two items are draped over the oven door handle, and I have never, in eight months, thought that they shouldn’t be. But the other week, the Moon made me remove these two items from the oven door and take them to my downstairs bed for safe-keeping. There was no ripping or tearing (or even saliva) involved in the process, I might hasten to add. I just thought they would be safer on my bed. In the end, Mum resorted to hiding them in the larder for a few days. Now they’re on view again, but I have no interest in them whatsoever.)

The Mysterious Case of the Missing Muffin. Dad baked some muffins the other week. He does that from time to time, and although I am (naturally) interested (well, you know, food!) I have always left well alone in the past, waiting to be offered a titbit. Well, on that day, the Moon made me steal a muffin off the cooling rack after Dad had taken them out of the oven and (foolishly, as it turned out) not noticed that my Moon-infested self was lurking. So when he came back into the kitchen – there was a muffin missing. Mum went a bit ballistic, I must say. She immediately ran to her reference books and asked Dad how many choc chips he had baked into the muffins, as chocolate is (how would I know!) poisonous for dogs. It turned out that Dad had put very little chocolate into the muffins, so, thankfully for me, I didn’t have to be rushed to the vet’s to have my stomach pumped.

A Free Lunch. Some kind friends who go fishing quite regularly brought Mum and Dad some beautiful freshly-caught fish. Dad froze most of it, but he filleted and boned some fish for their lunch. He very unwisely left the fish on the kitchen worktop, wrapped in paper towels to dry it off before he cooked it for lunch for him and Mum. Yes – you’ve probably guessed it: the Moon made me take the fish and, er, scoff the lot (paper towel included). Dad was furious. Mum calmly took some sausages out of the freezer, but she made sure I kept out of Dad’s sight for the next few hours…

Egg-Centric Madness. OK. I’m quite proud of this achievement (aided by that naughty Moon, of course.) In an ashamed and deeply repentant sort of way, of course. Yes, it was very (Moon-abetted) naughty, I know. But still….. Mum had two egg cartons in the kitchen, one full one with six eggs in it, and one containing four. That naughty old Moon made me creep into the kitchen, take the egg cartons, one by one, off the worktop, carry them onto the deck to my outside settee, then open the cartons (no tearing involved), and puncture and eat EIGHT raw eggs. In mine and the Moon’s defence, we did leave Mum and Dad two eggs (whole and uncracked) for their breakfast. For some strange reason, Mum and Dad didn’t seem terribly impressed by this.

Well, after that, the Moon went away, and I went back to being my good old self, though Mum and Dad still don’t seem to trust me near the kitchen (where I’m not allowed to go) unattended. I can’t think why. According to all the websites, there isn’t going to be another Blue Moon for two or three years…

After all that, here are a whole bunch of photos that Mum’s taken over the last couple of weeks on our walks to the beach.

Sky’s looking threatening – but we made it home before the rain…


Mum thinks spring’s coming. HA!


Personally, I prefer walking on the grass, but Mum loves the beach… 🙂


I have to admit, it WAS a nice sunset…


But doesn’t it look nice with me in the picture? 🙂


Mum’s getting ‘arty’ again…


On the foreshore. Me in my Gorgeousness. 🙂


Sunstruck Solo…..


Mum says how come she looks like a Christmas pudding on crutches and I look like a stick insect on stilts…?


Leg Less Logster’s going for a swim…


sleeping off all those muffins, fish and eggs….. 🙂


Laying low after the last Moon-related incident… (D’you think they’ll notice me?)


Mum thought she’d photograph the rain (yes, we’re STILL getting a lot of rain) from a different window…


Making the most of the sunshine on my outside settee 🙂


Posing in front of some of my favourite books…


This is Mum’s favourite tree on the beach. Funnily enough, it’s mine as well… 🙂


Cobweb… she’s at it again.


Flax. (I can’t stop her! She’s out of control!)


Home’s back there, somewhere. Will we make it back before the rain hits? (No).


Am I looking handsome, or what? 🙂


Looking for a four-leaf clover for my friend Deccy…


I’d go to sleep now, if only Mum would stop flashing that damn camera! 🙂


Till next time – ‘bye for now!  🙂



















29 thoughts on “It was the moon made me do it! (… and other things)

  1. Hello Easy…. My Mum says I must have the constitution of an ox. I’m not actually sure what an ox is but apparently it is an animal MUCH bigger than me. Anyway, neither I nor my stomach felt any ill-effects from eating all those eggs. (Mum was very glad about this, as she says the results could have been very icky!) 🙂

    Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  2. What you have to keep reminding them of, Solo mate, is that non of this was your fault…… NON OF IT….remember! Anyway the eggs and fish will have done wonders for your glossy coat! Did you find me a clover? Deccy x

    • Hello, Deccy! I know, I know….. I am just sadly misunderstood….. and yes, my coat is extra-glossy now 🙂

      I didn’t find you a four-leaf clover yet, mate. There are millions of ordinary ones, though. I’ll keep looking.

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  3. Hey Handsome:) Wow, just as well a normal full moon doesn’t have this effect on you or you might end up a fat Greyhound! And Mum and Dad would run out of oven mitts and then Dad couldn’t make any more muffins for you to steal! Gorgeous photos. It’s wet here too.

    Tell Mum I only started watching the block when they got to doing up their outsides and I’d already painted my hallway grey by then:) My bedrooms probably won’t be grey, if I can ever decide what colors to paint them!

    • Hello, Beryl’s Mum! Not much chance of me becoming a Fat Greyhound: I’m up and down the stairs in our house about thirty times a day!

      Mum says that you must be a Trend Leader, and that the couples on The Block must’ve had a sneak look at your place before they went with grey. 🙂 Hey – here’s a thought! You could have Rainbow Bedrooms!

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  4. Oh Solo, it is so fantastic that the beauty of nature is (almost) on par with your charm! You have with your mom together a perfect centaur-shaped shadow!
    And, of course, you can blame the Blue Moon for all accidents you have mentioned. I think it is only due to your impeccable manners that we cannot read about your mom’s and dad’s moon-related mischiefs!

    • Hello Kolytyi! I am blushing to the roots of my (very short) blue hair now… A Centaur! Wow! Neither of us thought of that! 🙂

      And you are quite right – I could tell SUCH tales of Mum’s and Dad’s misdemeanours. (Though on second thoughts, I think Mum might withdraw my computer privileges if I did…)

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

      • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that link! What a beautiful book! My Mum especially loves it as she studied art when she was young, and she says some of the drawings remind her of both Da Vinci’s and Dürer’s styles. Mum is only sorry she can’t read Hungarian, as she is sure it would be a fascinating read.

        Solo 🙂

  5. Well, well, well Solo – sounds like you have been busy!! I’d better not let Mila see this post or she might start blaming some of her more cheeky moments on the moon too…

  6. Oh, the moon defense! I’m glad nobody here heard of that one, or we’d have been in all sorts of trouble! I’m glad there’s no moon madness to get you into trouble for a long while!


  7. Hi. It is Me and Nellie here. Mummy says she likes the photos. She tries to be artistic when she takes photos but Me and Nellie think that unless she is taking photos of Me and Nelie then it is a waste of time. It is very cold here and Me and Nellie are curled up in front of the fire.

  8. Hello Jasper and Nellie! I’m glad your Mum likes the photos. I try to humour my Mum when she’s on a roll with the camera, although, like you, I can’t understand why anyone would want to look at photos without my good self in them… I’m sorry to hear it’s still so cold where you are – there’s a cold wind here today, but the sun is lovely! Keep curled up in front of that fire!

    Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  9. Hey Solo, Jet here.

    Totally understand blue moon-itis, Mom and Miss Mary Ann spoke of it on our constitutionals this week as well. You outdid yourself buddy! Glad you found some rest time to replenish. Mom asked me to share that she loves seeing your Mum’s artsy photos, so go easy on her! Your environment is spectacular!

    • Hello, Jet! Mum and Dad have just about forgiven me now, though they’re still keeping a much closer eye on me than they were before…

      My Mum says thank you very much to your Mom; she’s really pleased she likes the photos. My Mum does her best.

      Big WOOFS from Solo :-).

      • Hey Solo, Jet here.

        Just give Mum and Dad the sad puppy dog eyes and poof! all is forgiven! Here at Casa Jet, if I let Mom give me a belly rub, that about does it!

  10. That’s not fair for the moon to get you in trouble!

    My name is Oskar & I’d like to invite you to be featured on my blog at It’s a great way to meet new blogging friends. If you’re interested you can drop me a line at PBU at comcast dot net.

    Nubbin wiggles,

    • Oh no, Bones! I’m not quite sure what a rolled up newspaper is: I did rip up a newspaper once, but that had previously had fish and chips wrapped in it, and it smelled just irresistible…

      But that old moon is a strange thing…..

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

  11. Howdy Solo, glad you got to enjoy some muffin, fish and eggs. We reckon if they are left alone on the bench, then it’s only right someone cleans them up hehehe. Great photos. Love the one of you lying in the sun on the couch. Hope all is good over your way. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    • Hello, Stella and Rory – you know, I completely agree with you (but somehow, I don’t think Mum does…)

      Thanks so much for popping by 🙂

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

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