What is this golden thing in the sky?

Well, we’ve still been getting a fair bit of rain but then a couple of days ago — the sun came out! I think Mum was more shocked than I was. She got all excited and did a little dance then she took me to the beach.

Here are some photos she took: and, shock horror – I’m not in all of them!

Mum calls this the “river” and Dad calls it the “stream”. Don’t ask me, I’m just the dog!


Ah, yes. The beach is down there, somewhere… πŸ™‚


There it is! πŸ™‚


This is the end of the beach – and look! Blue sky!


Aaaah! Smell that sea air…


When we were walking the beach, we saw this goldy-green thing gleaming in the distance. Mum couldn’t wait to get up close – though I was a bit more cautious. Look what we found!


Isn’t it wonderful? Mum called it the Leg Less Logster!


Mmmmm…… sunshine!


Methinks Mum is hinting that she wants a little sit down…


Now Mum’s getting all arty… I think the sun’s gone to her head.


One last look round before we head home…


Home again! Walked and fed. Tired now…..


‘Bye for now! πŸ™‚














32 thoughts on “What is this golden thing in the sky?

  1. I’m glad everyone is starting to get better weather! We finally got a little rain and our temperatures have dropped back to normal instead of surface of the sun. Your outing looks like something I would greatly enjoy!


    • Hi Bunny! I’m glad to hear that the temperature’s a bit more bearable where you are, now. You (and all the crew) would be welcome to join me in a trip to the beach any time you like! I’m sure it’s not far between your place and mine. (Note from Mum: Yes, it is.) Oh, well… You’ll be with me in spirit, anyway! πŸ™‚

      Sorry to hear you had problems with your modem 😦 (whatever a “modem” is!)

      Big WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

  2. Lovely photos Solo:) We’ve got sun for the first time for a few days here too, it’s wonderful! We see all sorts of funny stuff at the beach as well … and a lot of rubbish:( Humans are so untidy. We’ll think of you when we’re at the beach in a few hours. I’ve got to go buy some paint first:) I’d prefer to join you in a nap though.

    • Hello, Beryl’s Mum – Aah… napping is sooo good! I’m glad you’ve had some sunshine as well – I’m sure the Beautiful Beryl and Faithful Frankie will be enjoying it. πŸ™‚ We LOVED seeing your latest photos on the beach.

      Mum says to ask you, why grey paint? Have you been watching The Block NZ? They seem to be painting everything grey on that! (I think we can tell from this that the only grey Mum is fond of is ME!)

      Have fun on the beach. I’m hoping to persuade my Mum to take me to ours again, later this afternoon.

      Big WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

  3. We seem to be having the same amount of sun as you, and it’s the middle of summer here! Nice photos Mum! Deccy x

    • Thanks, Deccy! Mum doesn’t do a bad job, considering how ancient she is!. Mum’s very pleased to see the sun – she reckons she suffers from SAD – I’m not really sure what that is but gloomy days make her grumpy…

      Are you getting ANY summer there?

      WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

  4. Hi. It is Nellie and Jasper here. We too have seen this golden object in the sky. For Us it means that We are not so wet and muddy and can be allowed inside to take our rightful place in front of the fire to have a little snooze. Oh and mummy says good photos. Love Nellie and Jasper the two bestest maremmas in the land.

    • Hello, Nellie and Jasper. I’m so glad you’ve seen some sun down where you are, too. It’s good that you’ve been allowed inside – snoozing in front of the fire is the best!

      Big WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

  5. Hello, Easy – my Mum is so pleased you like her photos, and it’s nice to be able to share a little piece of where we live with people.

    Big WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

    • Hello, Clowie! Mum was pleased with the photos – I’m glad you liked them, too. Yes,it’s a nice walk to the beach; I’m very lucky!

      Big WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

    • Hello, Beckett, Veil and Maddy! Yes, I like to think of the sun’s rays in that photo as my halo (as I’m always SOOOOO good mwahaha!).

      Big WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

  6. The landscape is so unbelievably beautiful at your place, Solo, that I could not imagine or dream about anything more delightful! Of course, this exquisiteness is even increased by your charming presence in some pics!
    I love the last pic, too!

  7. Hey Solo, Jet here.

    Wowee, wow, wow, do you live in a beautiful place! Especially with the sun out! Dude, glad you got out and about on such a gorgeous day. πŸ™‚

  8. Pingback: The Golden object in the sky | jaspersdoggyworld

    • Hello Easy – thank you very much indeed. I am honoured to accept this award from you. Mum’s going to try and work out how to post it on my blog page.

      Big WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

    • Hello there, Bosun Dawg! Thank you so much for visiting my place and leaving these kind words! Mum’s glad you liked the photos – and I am blushing! I shall certainly be back to your place to see you again… πŸ™‚

      Big WOOFS from Solo πŸ™‚

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