Ark needed – minimum of 3 settees + WiFi

Well, as you can probably tell, it’s still been raining a lot. Here are a couple of photos Mum took last week.

Well, I won’t be going out in this…

Nope. I definitely don’t do that sort of rain…

Mum’s been making more grumbling noises about arks, and she showed me some pictures on the Internet. I thought they looked pretty neat – though I’m not sure about having to share with all those animals. Mum assured me I wouldn’t have to – though I thought that perhaps just a few houndy mates might be nice. Then we could go zoomies round and round the deck. (Um, perhaps I shouldn’t have mentioned that here.)

I would have to insist on a minimum of three settees, because I do like my comfort, and I like to be able to lounge on different vantage points during the day, depending on what sort of mood I’m in, and what Mum and Dad are up to. I like to keep an eye on them, you see.

The other day, there was what Mum called “a window of opportunity” in the weather i.e. it wasn’t currently pelting with rain, so we made it to the beach and back. WHOOPEE!  The beach is still there! And there were lots of interesting new smells for me to sniff.

Hmm…. Getting out of the front gate at last.

Keeping an eye out over the paddocks… those cattle weren’t there before,

When we got to the bridge, I spotted some strange shapes coming towards us. They turned out to be horses. I must admit I freaked a little bit, and Mum took me to the other side of the road until they’d all gone past. Phew!

Freaky! Mum said they were called “horses”. They were very big!

Just checking that those horses have really gone…

Heyyy! We made it to the beach – and it’s not raining yet!

Looks like rain’s coming again soon. Better encourage Mum to get a move on…

I think those horses were here, Mum…

Aah… Mum, the beach, no rain – and dinner when I get home. Perfect! 🙂

I have very mobile ears…

… and as you can see, they work independently 🙂

After we got back from our lovely walk to the beach, it rained really heavily again. But by then, I didn’t care. 🙂


‘Bye for now….. 🙂


31 thoughts on “Ark needed – minimum of 3 settees + WiFi

  1. Blimey mate, you could almost be in England in the summertime! Can I just say – nice coat and practically prehensile ears!

    • Hey Deccy! Hee hee hee! Yes, Mum says she has un-fond memories of the English summer weather. The coat is lovely, isn’t it? It’s NZ merino wool, and it’s nice and warm. As for my ears – I’m rather proud of them, actually… 🙂

    • Hello Dougall! Yes, it hasn’t been pretty. I think today is the first day in WEEKS that it hasn’t rained at all. (Uh-oh, probably shouldn’t have said that!) 🙂 I think you might be slightly better suited to the cold with your coat, but your legs could be a drawback hehehe!

  2. Could you send the rain to us? We live here in a desert since weeks!
    Your ears-technique is fabulous, I’m highly impressed by this flexibility and performance! 🙂

  3. I wish we’d get some more rain!

    We have horses that ride right through our little town. I am CERTAIN that I could take one down if it weren’t for that darned leash. However, my humans are wet blankets and they won’t let me have a chance at it!


    • Hello, rumpydog! Yes! Mum usually gets me out at least once a day for some exercise – though I’m a bit reluctant when the weather’s not nice (so is she!) 🙂

    • Hello, easyweimaraner – Hey! You look just like me! Well, apart from the fact that you’re a weimaraner and I’m a greyhound… but our colours are similar! 🙂 Please tell me what a rubber duckie is? My Mum has obviously been Keeping Things from me (I’m only a young boy). Can I eat one? I like eating things (preferably food).

  4. Hi Solo. Evie here. Its been a bit wet in New Plymouth too but with some good days in between, so Ive been getting out quite regularly. Dad is going away for a week to some place called USA soon. I think its just up the road. I’m going to miss him but boy is going to get cuddles when he gets back. Anyway, stay dry and warm. Mr Hickey says the weather is going to get better soon.

    • Hello Evie! Mum’s shown me some photos of you, and you look to be quite a cutie, especially in that nice yellow bandanna. I’ve got a nice blue and yellow bandanna – I think we’d make quite a pair. 🙂 Mum says good luck to your Dad in the USA. She said she thinks it’s a bit further than just up the road. So I think that means it’d be quite a long walk to get there. Hope you have a good time while he’s gone. Just make sure to eat your dinner and have a good time. 🙂

      • Whadda ya mean its a bit further than just up the road. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. That makes me the man of the house…..the hound of the house (yeah thats right). We spent the evening at Graeme and Kims place planning the Quiz Night coming up. I’m going to enter my own team and call it “Evie’s angels”. We will just need someone to write for us, ’cause we don’t have opposable thumbs (whatever that means). Just kidding, but apparently I might be one of the stars of the show. Afterall, whats a GAP quizz night without a greyhound or two. But wait till Dad sees my contract demands. heh heh. I understand you can’t make it but look forward to meeting up with you sometime. Cheers Your keyboard pal, Evie.

  5. Hey Bunny – you sort of have my sympathies – though I think you might lose if it came down to you or the horse. They are BIG – and they have very big, hard feet! Perhaps it’s better just to stand back and let them go on their way. 🙂

  6. Greetings oh fellow New Zealand blogger. It is Us – Nellie and Jasper here. Mummy was telling Us that it is going to rain again soon, but Me and Nellie do not believe her. It has been such a lovely sunny day and We have been romping around, chasing each other and barking at the clouds. Maremmas are very good at barking. Mummy says that if barking was an Olympic sport Me and Nellie would win hands down. Love Jasper and Nellie

    • Hello, Nellie and Jasper – good to see you again! I’m glad the skies have been dry for you today. Up here it poured with rain again this afternoon. Mum got a bit wet, as her coat isn’t as good as mine – but we’re both all dry now. 🙂 Funny you should talk about barking – I hardly ever bark, and it has to be something REALLY SERIOUS to make me.

      Big WOOFS (in spirit) from Solo 🙂

  7. Hey Solo, it rained all day here yesterday so no walkies for us, although Frankie was keen to go for a walk, but not keen to go outside! It’s like he thought if I drove him somewhere it wouldn\’t be raining! He’s a funny boy:) At least it isn’t cold. We love your ears, Beryl’s can do cool things too, but not as cool as yours:)

    • Hello, Beryl’s Mum! Awww… poor Frankie! I’m glad he’s feeling better now. How is poor Beryl’s foot doing? Big *licks* and cuddles from me.

      Solo 🙂

  8. Hi Solo (love the name – very ‘I walk alone’ type of vibe),
    I have only just found your blog and am amazed I haven’t run into you sooner.
    We are not at all alike in looks, I am a square, shaggy Tibbie (Tibetan Terrier) and you are a tall, leggy greyhound (swoon). Sorry, I have always had this thing about greyhounds, check back in my blog – really.
    But apart from the fact that you could lap me a dozen times before I reach my letter-box, you have short hair to my shaggy hair, you could leap over me in a single bound and I am very much earth-bound and you are a lean speed machine and I am ….. not. Apart from all of those things we seem to have a lot in common!
    I hate horses – really – hate them. Whenever they come on the television I go beserk, there is just something about them that I cannot tolerate. I think they look smug with their clip, clop, clip, clop I’m bigger than you attitude.
    Plus, I love my comforts.
    Plus, I hate the rain.
    Now I only need to hear that you like chicken, sausages and have a never-to-be-filled tummy as well and I will swear we are related.
    Look forward to hearing more about you.
    Love Zac 🙂

    • Hello, Zac! Thanks so much for dropping by! You know, I swear you must be the sibling I never had! (I was an only child, hence my name.) No, I’m not awfully keen on horses. Yes, I DEFINITELY love my comforts! Yes, I hate the rain. Yes, I LOVE chicken – either raw frames or cooked meat. Yes, I LOVE sausages (especially when we go on a journey and Mum buys me one from the chip shop). Yes – I do like to eat!

      Looking forward to catching up with you again.

      Big WOOFS (but not scary ones) from Solo 🙂

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