Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain………

Yes, it’s raining. Still. It’s wet. Very.

It’s been raining for about two days and nights now, on and off. Mum keeps muttering about Noah, and arks, and I’ve really no idea what she’s talking about, but she doesn’t seem very happy. Dad chirps in with, “At least it’s not cold!” but that doesn’t seem to be going down very well, either.

The garden is almost flooded. Mum takes me out round the garden last thing at night and she wears plastic shoes on bare feet. She sloshes when she walks, but that’s OK because so do I. It’s not really terribly pleasant, but I forbear.

Mum took me out this evening for my pre-dinner walk and the rain was hammering down (so, nothing different there): we strolled up the road to the cattle yards and then strolled back again. Mum gets much wetter than me, as I have my lovely, snuggly raincoat, and she doesn’t. tee hee hee

Dad thought it was so funny that he took a couple of photos of us when we got back…

Spot the drowned rats…

Yep, still raining. Is Mum SMILING???

Checking out the weather. Rain? Check. (Noticing the trend?)

I didn’t want to completely depress you, so here are a few photos of me taken before the latest rainy weather arrived…

Mooching in the garden…

Gotta check out where those possums have been in the night…

Hmm… Is that a sheep in the distance? Or is it a suspiciously large, fluffy white cat…? (Not that I want to give anyone the impression that I chase cats! I’m MUCH better behaved than that…)  🙂

WHAT??? You mean it’s raining AGAIN?

OK, if it’s still raining, how about a game, instead? 🙂

Hmm… C’mon, Mum! I’ll begin without you! 🙂

Sleepy time: but don’t forget — I’ve got my eye on you!

Bye for now! 🙂


20 thoughts on “Rain, rain, rain, rain, rain………

    • Hello Auntie Kelly! *lick*lick*lick* Yes, I love my coat very much (almost as much as I love my Mum and Dad) — and I’ve been very glad I have it these last few days. Spoilt? Moi? 🙂 XXXXX

  1. It’s been so long since we’ve seen rain here that I’ve forgotten what it looks like? We’d be happy to have you send some of it over our way!


  2. Sorry you are getting so much rain. Here in Texas, we have been getting a lot of rain, too. The rest of the states are in a drought and we have standing water. Do you have mosquitoes there? Boy, we do! They are huge!

    • Hello Joey and Scout – yes, we get mosquitoes here in New Zealand. None at the moment, as it’s winter, but in the summer we get a LOT and they do seem to love Mum! (I don’t think she returns the love…)

  3. Solo, you have such a gorgeous, hairy bum:) Beryl is very envious! Love your coat too. And it’s raining in Foxton, but at least it isn’t cold. We usually manage a trip to the beach between showers, although we did get soaked the other day. Good excuse to light the fire when we got home:)

    • Ah, Beryl, Beryl…… I know her heart belongs to Another — but a young lad can dream….. *sigh* The past few days we’ve virtually been swimming round the garden: Mum has talked about water tables and other technical stuff, but all I know is that I get my feet very wet! I’m glad you and Beryl are managing to get to the beach, though… 🙂

  4. Howdy Solo, thanks for dropping by to visit. We’ve been out of action for a couple of weeks cause our Poppa passed away but we are slowly getting round to visiting friends. Rory is all excited cause he thinks he looks just like you. You know, all athletic and stuff. He always says he runs like a greyhound and we don’t like to tell him otherwise. His co-ordination isn’t quite that good hehe. Nice to meet you mate. No worries, and love, Stella and Rory

    • Hello, Stella and Rory – we are all so, so sorry to hear about your Poppa passing on. Cuddles and licks from all of us (the licks are from me; Mum and Dad send the cuddles). Rory certainly does look like me, doesn’t he? The likeness is pretty amazing, I think! I’ve got to laugh about the running bit, though. Maybe he’d like to come over here and give me a race some time. (On the other hand, maybe not: I wouldn’t want to hurt his feelings). And, as we’re sinking into Antipodean vernacular, I’ll end with, good as gold! (Mum’s English – she’s still practising.)

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

    • Hello, Jasper and Nellie – Mum puts a big towel on the floor by the door for me to stand on and catches me when I come in from a muddy walk (actually, she doesn’t have to catch me, as I LOVE it when she towels my head and legs with a nice dry towel.) Actually, we greys smell rather nice when we’re wet. Honestly!

      You are certainly the two bestest maremmas in the land! My Mum had to look you up, as she’d never heard of the breed before – can you believe that!? But now we all know about you, and you certainly are a very handsome lot! 🙂

      Big WOOFS from Solo 🙂

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