Well, the weather has changed from bone-cold to wet and windy. Not a lot has been happening around here lately – except that my cut pad finally healed, and I can gallop again! Mum says she’d like to post a lot more photos of me galloping, but due to my phenomenal speed, she’s just not very good at keeping me in focus!


Here I am, proving to Mum that my paw is good as new.

The start of the bad weather

Wet nose. Check. Glossy coat. Check. Gleam in the eye. Check. All good!

Relaxing with some of my favourite toys…

Mum left this nice squishy blanket on the settee — how could I resist? 🙂

Keeping an eye on the world outside…

Watching Dad from the balcony

Is that a kangaroo in the garden? No! It’s the Amazing Solo! 🙂

OK. That’s all for now. Gotta get my beauty sleep in, y’know… 🙂


Time for sleepies…


‘Bye till next time! 🙂


14 thoughts on “Midwinter…

    • Hello, Bunny! Yes, my Mum says some places where her friends live are desperate for rain, as well. Of course, it’s the depths of winter here… Mum says she’ll try to wish some rain your way (and you’d be very welcome!)

  1. Very wet down our way too. We went to the beach supposedly between showers after lunch, except we all got drenched, lol. Glad the pad is all healed, Solo. Looks like you’re giving it a great workout:)

    • Hello Gorgeous Beryl, and Beryl’s Mum! Sorry to hear it’s horrible weather where you are, too. 😦 Mum took me out about an hour ago and she got soaked, but I kept nice and warm and dry in my snuggly big raincoat. All Mum had to do was towel my head and feet when we got home. I can’t understand why she spent so much time in the bathroom afterwards. I think she needs to get a coat like mine! 🙂

  2. You are just the cutest thing! Thanks for leaving the comment on our blog. It’s nice to meet you! Joey has a corn on his foot, so he has to wear a boot too. It is not keeping his foot all that dry though because water is just standing on the ground here in Houston.

    • Hello, Joey and Scout! Oh I hope Joey’s foot gets better soon! My Mum says corns can be tricky things to heal. The garden here is pretty muddy at the moment – we are in a very low-lying area near the sea, and it doesn’t take too much for it to become waterlogged. There were a couple of days when my boot should still have been worn, but Mum said there was no point, as the water would just have come over the top of it! Luckily my pad is good, now. I hear a lot of the US is desperate for rain right now – just not where you are right now, huh?

      Keep warm and dry.

      Love, Solo 🙂

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