Out in the front garden with Dad this morning. Brrrrrrr it was chilly! (Never mind what Dad’s wearing – he never feels the cold…)

Wearing my nice warm jacket. I’d sleep in this if they let me…

This is my new boot, which Mum bought from the vet, yesterday. It keeps my cut pad nice and dry. I know it’s not one of those flash, “all-terrain”, climb mountains, swim seas types of boots, but it stays nice and firm on my foot, and Mum and Dad are pleased that it’s doing its job. I forget all about it once I’m out and about. 🙂

YUMMY! Raw chicken frame for breakfast on the balcony this morning. The sun was even shining! 🙂

My “Heroic Superhound” pose…

Guarding the doorway. You can’t be too careful…..

Bye for now….. 🙂


24 thoughts on “Stuff…

  1. Solo … you’re ever so thoughtful to post these pix for us. Of course, you realize how kind your Mum is to get you that wondrous (fashionable) boot and man-made fabric jacket to keep the cold away from your young bones. hmmmm .. I wonder whether yer Dad would ever wear a ‘matching’ jacket/jumper, so he and you would appear to be a real-true ‘team’. Perhaps play lawn bowling or ‘frizbee’ with Dad, to help him do at least a teeny-tiny bit of real-true exercise ??? Ya’ should be made aware that as much time as yer Dad spends on keeping the sofa-couch warm isn’t the very best he could do, eh?

  2. Isn’t she a cheeky trollop, Solo? I mean, criticizing my massive girth like that. Go bite her keyboard…

  3. I tell you what, Solo, it’s just as well you’re a bit young and Beryl is spoken for already because she thinks you get more handsome every day:) Great idea getting the boot and good to know it’s working. You’ll be tearing around that lovely garden again before you know it.

    • Hello, Beryl’s Mum! Yes, even I am really pleased with the boot. I wasn’t too sure when they were trying on different sizes at the vet’s, but I am totally cool with it now, as befits my status… As for Beryl… *sigh*… I live in hope… 🙂

  4. You keep your paws off Beryl mate; she’s mine, and she’s no cradle snatcher! I must say you do have a range of very nice jackets though. Deccy x

    • (OOPS! I’m in trouble now…) Hello Deccy – can’t a young man fantasize about an ‘older’ woman? Yeah, I love my jackets, too. Mum seems to like buying them for me, ‘cos she says you get all types of weather in a morning up here. And if she likes buying them, who am I to complain? 🙂

    • Hello, Ann. Thank you! Yes – Mum has promised me that if I am good and wear my boot on walks for the next few days I’ll be able to have a gallop again soon… 🙂 Mum is very pleased that you enjoyed the pictures.

  5. Hi Solo! Everyone here is right, you are looking more and more handsome all the time – and it really looks like you are having a lot of fun…you really do have a gorgeous big smile!!
    Tommy and Mila would like to know where you got your nice warm jacket from so that they can do a spot of shopping for themselves. It looks lovely and cosy (does it even have a collar??) and it is of course very important that the hounds are as fashionable as possible on their walks around Wellington.

    • Hello Rachel! Mum informs me that my snuggly warm coat is a ‘Pet One “Blizzard” dog coat’ which she bought off Trade Me. It is padded, rainproof and windproof, and when she bought it, it came in three colours – red, purple and blue. It also has reflective piping – Mum can testify to that, as she takes me round the garden by torchlight on my midnight pre-bed strolls.

      I like my coat very much…

      Love and woofs to Tommy and Mila… Perhaps we’ll meet one day. 🙂

  6. Hey Solo, Jet here.

    Dude, so nice to visit your blog… couple of things:
    1. Mom asked me to ask you… How is it that all of the greyhounds we know in the blogosphere have the most handsome/beautiful collars?
    2. Your blue coat is sharp looking…
    3. What’s that red thingie? a coat/blanket?
    4. Thanks for sharing about the boot thingie, I seem prone to goofy injuries at the K9 park, one of which is cutting my pads… 😦
    5. Let’s keep in touch, I can learn a lot from you!

    • Hi there, Jet – good to see you again! Golly – questions!

      1. My Mum gets my martingale collars from Greyhounds as Pets (GAP) here in NZ – that’s where I came from, too. 🙂 GAP also sell some Silk Road collars title=”Silk Road Decorative Dog Collars”> which are very beautiful.
      2. As for my blue coat – thanks! It’s really good when I have to go out in the rain, or long wet grass, as it covers my chest, too.
      3. “That red thingie” is my polar fleece which keeps me nice and warm at night (as I have thin skin and not a lot of hair on my undersides!) It’s great to wear around the house and garden on chillier days, too, as it has a nice long collar to keep my neck warm. 🙂
      4. My pad is getting much better now I have the boot to wear. The one Mum got me from the vet is a “Pawtectors” which is made in Canada.

      We’ll definitely keep in touch. I know just what you mean about those goofy injuries: although we don’t have a dog park anywhere near where we live, I’ve proved that I can get injured in my own garden. 🙂 Take care of yourself, Jet.

  7. What a snazzy coat! I will have to get one for Rama this winter. She shivers when it’s cold. Glad to boot is doing its job as well. And yes, you can never be too careful. Rama positions herself in front of the window and watches most of the day. 🙂

    • Thank you, Rama’s Mama! Oow, shivering’s not good, especially for us greyhounds. My Mum read that we can lose weight really quickly if we shiver too long (and we don’t carry any excess weight to start with!) The boot has been brilliant – even though I moan and make a fuss every time my Mum puts it on, I know it’s been helping my pad to heal…

    • Hello, Clowie – how lovely to meet you! If I may say, you look to be a very handsome dog indeed. I’d probably get a stiff neck looking up at you! Thank you for popping by – I shall be back to your place to read some more tomorrow. 🙂

      • Thank you! I doubt that you’d get a stiff neck, you look as though you have long legs and are probably not much shorter. But I bet I’m a lot heavier!

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