Candid Camera

Mum took some pictures today…..

It’s mine!


Hello, Mum! Whatcha mean, stand still?


No comment…


OMG when did she take this???


A boy just can’t get a decent beauty sleep any more…


Well, at least my teeth are clean…


I can’t be sure . . . but I think someone might be watching me…


Yep, definitely watching me.


Right, that’s enough of that. I’m awake. I’m cute. Feed me.



6 thoughts on “Candid Camera

  1. How’s the paw, Solo? At least you don’t look like you’re in pain:) Don’t tell Deccy but Beryl thinks you are very cute;) That last photo has got to go into a calendar, it’s particularly fetching!

    • PHWOARRRR!!! I’ve cracked it with the Beautiful Beryl! Deccy had better polish his toenails and get a new collar on… 🙂 (P.S. The paw’s much better, thank you – it only hurts if Mum wants to look at it).

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