House arrest

Looking out over the rear garden…

Yes, that’s the sea glinting in the distance…

Herons nest in this tree…

Aaaah…. a perfect day for a gallop

It has been a beautiful, crisp, cold, sunny weekend. Here are some photos Mum took from the window just to prove my point. And where am I? I am in the house. OK, OK, Mum and Dad take me for leisurely strolls around the garden several times a day, but apart from that I AM CONFINED! 😦

Nothing to do but hide in the spare bed….. *sigh*

The problem, as Mum keeps on pointing out to me, is my back pad, which I cut last weekend. I’ve been unable to keep a bandage on my foot (probably due to Mum’s inept bandage-work ….. (OOPS Mum’s giving me a hard stare) and every time I go for a quite understandable dash around, I open it up and it starts bleeding again.

I’m smiling – but I’m not happy about this…

So. Until it’s sorted, and my pad has healed, this is where you’ll find me. Any donations of peanut butter, marrow bones, pigs’ ears, cooked pressed tongue, or any other delicacy, will be gratefully accepted.

Am I being patient, or what?



11 thoughts on “House arrest

    • Hello Bunny. Yes, the threat is in to call the vet. Mind you, a call doesn’t necessarily mean a visit 🙂 I’m hoping that if I’m really good, and try to sit quietly (HAHAHA) the cut will heal up.

  1. You need to get better mate; we are hoping you might enter some Blogville Olympic events! Deccy x

  2. Oh my goodness, what beautiful views! We are so sorry you are on house arrest. The Mama knows how that feels because she’s had two surgeries recently and is heading for a third. House arrest stinks, but the trick is to put on your most pitiful face so you get PRESENTS. Rama agrees that the tongue and pig ears WOULD make it easier to cope. We hope your boo boo heals soon and you get to romp around that beautiful property of yours! Feel better! ~Rama & The Mama

    • Hello, Rama and Mama … I’m glad you like the views. I like them better when I’m galloping around them, really… But I REALLY like your idea about lots of PRESENTS. I’m good at putting on big googly eyes and pitiful faces, and Mum and Dad usually cave and give me something. 🙂

      Thanks so much for popping by. Mu Mum says to tell you good luck with the surgery! 🙂

    • Hello Jan – I’ve heard all about you from my Mum. Yes, I like my new coat, too! I now have four coats – 2 for outside and 2 for inside. Sometimes when it’s really really cold outside I get to wear two at once! Am I lucky, or what? 🙂

  3. What a beautiful dog and spectacular photos of the scenery. Hope your foot heals soon. Even the humans must be feeling cooped up by now!

    • Hello, Amy and Toby. Yes, garden arrest pales after a while (even though it is a BIG garden 🙂 ) Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your nice comments. Off to the nice vet on Thursday to size up boots…

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