Idle chatter…

We had a friend staying with us last week, and I have to admit I was a little bit smitten… And she wasn’t even a HOUND…….!

Auntie Megs, as I like to call her, used to be a vet nurse and her knowledge and cool fingers came into great effect when she used to lie on the settee with me, slowly . . . stroking . . . my . . . belly…… er, that sentence didn’t quite go where it was supposed to… Anyway — I had to give up my 7th bed (Mum calls it the spare bed) for her, though she did let me share it with her one afternoon when she went for a nanny nap. (Megs called it “Reading her book”). 🙂

So, where was I? Oh, yes. Well, one day over the weekend I went for my usual zoomies around the garden, and when I came back into the house I was leaving bloody footprints all over the floor. It was discovered that I’d cut the pad on my back foot, so I got lots of lovely attention from Mum and Auntie Megs while they cleaned it out with salt water and made sure it stopped bleeding. The only down side of that was their decision to keep me off road walks and off gallops until the pad has healed. B-O-R-I-N-G… But I’ve sort of resigned myself to long mooches round the garden (on the lead, unfortunately) until all is better again. I hope it’s soon.

I’m on temporary garden-arrest until my cut pad heals…. *sigh*

Some new people have moved in down the road. They have a chunky beige dog which Mum says is possibly a Labrador. It seems to be VERY well trained, and didn’t once try to walk out beyond the house boundary, even though all the gates were open when we went past the other day. Mum looked at me and muttered something along the lines of, why wasn’t I like that? Humphhh… I chose to ignore her.

Brrrrrrrrrr! It’s been really cold lately. Mum bought me a new super-duper padded raincoat the other month and I heard her saying to Dad that they probably wouldn’t need to use it very often. Ha! I get to wear it nearly every cold morning (and sometimes for my late night walks) whether it’s raining or not. It’s soooooo snuggly and warm and I love going out in it, ‘cos I can leap around in the long grass and stay nice and toasty and dry.

Mum also bought me a New Zealand merino wool coat last week, and I have to say she has a job prising that one off me! I’ve been wearing it every day during this cold spell, and in fact I’m curled up in it right now, while I’m dictating this to my Mum.

Snuggly now…

No, you’re NOT going to take my coat off… I just couldn’t move a paw.


Oops! Nodded off there! Okay, okay, Mum wants me to tell you about something that happened quite a while back. It’s both bad and good, and I’ll admit I’ve been avoiding telling the tale. But here goes, anyway.

One morning Dad and me were coming home after our early-morning walk. We have to walk past a house where lives a pretty little girl called Gemma. She’s small and white and chunky and she gets VERY excited when we walk past their place. Well, this particular morning, Gemma came rushing to the gate, woofing as loud as she could, and – I’ll admit – my mind had been on other things (as, apparently, had Dad’s) because when she hurled herself at the gate I absolutely freaked. No other word for it. Dad, who had been in the act of switching hands with my lead, was so surprised that he dropped it altogether, and I (to my utter shame now) bolted along the grass verge down the side of the road. The only saving grace to this whole incident is that I showed enough sense to stop at my front gate and wait for Dad to catch up with me. When we got home, and Dad told Mum what had happened, she went quite pale… I had to lick her quite a lot before her colour went back to normal. I don’t think she was sure whether to be happy or cross with either of us, to be honest.

Well, I think we’re just about up-to-date. Oh, I was a bit sick on the carpet last night, but that was a result of giving me fat on my dinner that sausages had been cooked in. So that’s out from now on. The rabbit from next door that was living in our front garden hasn’t been around for quite a while. The last I heard Mum and Dad saying, it was living wild out near the sawmill. The cat’s still around, but it mostly stays away. I’m ready for it, though.

King of the garden 🙂

Bye for now… 🙂


12 thoughts on “Idle chatter…

  1. Solo – just so happens I’m well acquainted with your Mum and Dad … seems that you have them quite well-trained. They purchase your food, they purchase warm clothing for you and you have naps any time you please; you don’t even wait for them to ‘encourage’ you to have a nap. What a (dog’s) life … Oh yes, indeed what a wonderful dog’s life you live …. Signed, A friend whom you’ve not yet met … but my friends call me ‘AnnTeak’, or some call me Elle … both easy words/names to say .. I expect you to remember that, so I don’t need to remind you next time we meet. …. ta ta for now

    • Well, hello Lois! Yes, my Mum and Dad have told me aaaaalll about you and you sound like a splendid sort of person to me. I’m very pleased that you called by to read my ramblings… Please call back again soon. 🙂

  2. I hope your pad heals quickly! Those can really aggravate a hound. It sounds like you need a little bell to ring to get them to fetch what you need. That might help them to decide you’re healed much faster, too!

    I really like your coat! I am a big fan of a nice warm jacket, too, but it’s too hot here right now to even think about a jacket!


    • Thanks, Bunny. I thought I was going to get a road walk this morning but my pad split again last night when Mum took me out last thing. 😦 Back to square one…

      HAHA the adoring public… ah, yes! I love being adored………. 🙂

  3. Love your merino coat, Solo. Do they come in red, Beryl can see herself in a red one;) Hope your pad comes right quickly. Not being able to run around is the pits:(

    • Hello again, Beryl’s Mum. How’s that foxy girl of yours doing? 🙂 Yes, my coat comes in blue, red and black. Beryl would look pretty smashing in red, I think… 🙂 Thanks for the best wishes about my pesky pad. The good news is it hasn’t split open today.

  4. Solo, it was wonderful to meet you, and I have to admit, I’m a touch smitten myself. If I were a young hound, I would have posters of you on my wall. 🙂 How has your paw pad been? Do you still need a bandage on it? If Mum is having trouble keeping a bandage on your paw, she might like to try wrapping it up past the top of your paw and then using some Elastoplast to tape the top of it to your leg. It might be a bit ouchy to take the Elastoplast off, so let your people know that soaking it for a while in some warm water will help it come off easier. I hope it is getting better, and I also hope that I can come and see you again, as you and your people are very special, and I send all three of you lots of hugs. X
    PS I read three chapters before I had my Nana nap 😉

    • Hello Aunty Megan! *lick*lick*lick* They taped a gauze dressing round my foot, bandaged up the leg and taped it, then put on a sock and taped that in 2 places. The dressing was off my paw in less than a minute….. 😦 Mum’s going to ring the vet in the morning, to see if they can suggest anything else.

      • Oh dear! Are you a bit of a wriggly worm, or does the dressing just not like staying on your lovely long legs? Hope the vet had some good ideas, and hope your people don’t have to resort to taping around your shoulder, that really is a nuisance!

      • Hello, Auntie Megs! Yes, and yes! I am a wriggly worm, and get a bit wimpy when someone’s touching my poorly foot (Note from Mum: it looks a lot better than it did, and Mum thinks I can get A LOT wimpy! [Now I’m hurt…]). Also the dressing just slips down my gazelle-like leg. The vet is suggesting a boot to keep my foot dry, so I’m off to see her on Thursday with Mum and Dad. I’ll let you know what happens. 🙂

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