The first few days…

Well, HELLO there! Solo’s my name, looking cute is my game. (It goes without saying that tales of my legendary good looks are not unfounded ­– but modesty forbids me to say more on that matter at this point.)

So. Let’s get on with it… What a week this has been! Last Saturday I was let out of the back of Fatima’s car (where I’d been having a good old natter with my foster-buddy, Snow) and introduced to a couple of strangers. To be honest, I didn’t take too much notice of them – I mean, duh, I’ve met people before, and I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Don’t get me wrong – I love Irene and Sonja at the GAP kennels, and Auntie Fatima, too – but let’s face it, it’s not the same as having people and a place to call your own.

Well, these two strange people sat around with me in the GAP office for THREE HOURS! My goodness, what on earth did they find to interest them all that time? I hesitate to posit the thought that perhaps it was the presence of little old moi.

During the course of the visit, I discovered their names were Maureen and John. Maureen drank lots of coffee with Auntie Irene, and John and Maureen both slipped me a few treats (did I mention? I LOVE treats!), so they both went up in my estimation. John taught me to take a treat out of his mouth – how unhygienic is that?? I mean, a human mouth! – but I’m a quick learner and it seemed to please him. And I’m a bit of a pushover for food. Oops! I think I might already have mentioned that.

They seemed to be buying lots of doggie things – a very nice fleecy coat, a raincoat and a GAP promo jacket, as well as collars and leads and muzzles and food and all sorts of other things. Auntie Fatima is a very good saleswoman, I think, as well as being a lovely person. They even tried lots of collars on me – though I was thinking it was just because I happened to be handy. But the visit drew to a close and they eventually drove away again. I was a bit sorry to see them go, I’ll admit, and I was hoping – casually, of course – that they’d come and visit again.

As luck would have it, I didn’t have to wait too long. They came back the very next morning. It was pouring with rain, and they turned up at the office before it was even open for the day. Well, when Auntie Irene came and got me from the kennel and let me off in the office, I’m ashamed to say I tore round like a maniac. Completely forgot my manners in all the excitement, and even forgot to say a proper hello to the nice new people, though I did wag my tail like mad as I galloped past.

Eventually, after a lot more b-o-o-o-ring conversation between the humans, my new lead was clipped to my smart new collar. Then, during a break in the weather, I was lifted into the back of a strange car which turned out to belong to John and Maureen. Auntie Irene and Auntie Sonja waved like mad, and off I went on my new adventure.

And what an adventure it was! The car was most luxurious, with no less than six quilts arranged in the back for my comfort. I also found my favourite soft toys that Auntie Fatima had left for me, and quite a few more that I’d never seen before. It was so comfortable – Mum Maureen (yes, she was my new Mum! YAY!) called the back of the car the Portable Palace, and she’s not far wrong! – that I decided to simply lie down and go to sleep. We made quite a lot of stops along the way to places called ‘Toilets’, and once to a place called ‘McDonalds’, but I slept through most of it, just popping my head up occasionally to check that my new Mum and Dad were still with me in the front of the Portable Palace. Of course, we also stopped so that I could hop out and stretch my legs, but that was always in nice, quiet places, which I thought was very thoughtful of them.

Eventually we came to a strange place called Rotorua, which Mum called ‘stinky’ but which I thought smelled quite exciting. We checked into a nice little motel there, which was classed as ‘dog friendly’. I had no idea what that meant, of course, but I soon found out that it meant I could sleep in the room with my new Mum and Dad, as long as I slept on my own bed. What bliss!

In the motel at Rotorua - what fun!

Mum took me out for lots of walks, and at the risk of sounding immodest, I was soo good. At the motel I ignored a cat which was glaring at me, and out on one of my walks we were ‘attacked’ by a small dog no bigger than a rat that came rushing out of a garden yapping its head off. Well, I stood there completely calmly and wagged my tail while the rat and I sniffed and made one another’s acquaintance. As soon as Mum said, ‘Come, Solo’, I trotted off with her as good as gold. I didn’t glance back at all, and never once thought of dinner.

Just chilling with my toys at the motel 🙂

The next day, we were off again in the Portable Palace. I began to wonder if the Portable Palace was my new home, to be honest. But eventually we arrived at a nice, quiet property in the countryside, just what a hound needed after two hard days sleeping on the road. And, you know what? I think I’m going to like it here.

Home at last, and a nice view, too!

Some names I’ve heard mentioned when they don’t think I’m listening…

Wallaby Bum; Cuddle Monster; Buddy; Draggle Toes; Hoppity-Go-Kick; Rocking Horse Dog; Cuddle Bum.

But the one I like best of all is

Good Boy!


This is what it's all about...


23 thoughts on “The first few days…

  1. Well, fancy meeting you here on this blog, wallaby b… erm, Solo. I have to say that you were a perfect passenger on the road trip home. Even cleaned up all the crumbs from your treats. And I can tell you that I’m very happy to tag along behind on our walks and bag up your messages.

  2. Welcome to pet blogville, John, Maureen and the lovely Solo:) I’m sure you’ll make lots of new friends in this wonderful community! Looking forward to reading more adventures from Solo.

  3. It was a pleasure to meet and foster you Solo 🙂 You have made many fans in one week you were with us 🙂
    It is awesome to see you have your own blog -we have updated our bookmarks and look forward to many more posts from you in the future! Lots of love Fatima, Rachel, Louie, Lucy and your mate Cobby 🙂 xxxxxx
    PS: Dont forget to contact your trainers Tracy and Wayne, they would love to know how you were doing.

    • Hello Auntie Fatima! Big WOOF! and lots of licks from me xxx Mum Maureen is going to send a nice letter and some photos to my trainers – I’m sure they’ll be pleased with how things have turned out. 🙂

  4. Well, Solo, I like your blog. Very classy… so I’ll give you a big TICK! Oh wait… you’ve already had two of those! But we dealt with them, right? Saw the blighters off… Hang in there, buddy, your gourmet chicken brekkie is only an hour and a half away.

  5. Solo, greetings from Dodge City Kansas USA.
    I am a greyhound lover without greyhounds so I follow greyhound blogs. I am excited to add you to my favorites list. You do indeed look like a GOOD BOY. I look forward to reading your posts in the future.

    • Hello Jan – thank you so much for visiting my brand new blog. I will try to keep my many fans updated on a regular basis – but I am at the mercy of my Mum, of course, as she has to do the typing for me, while I lie on the bed and dictate. (Gosh, it’s such a hard life…) I know everyone who has met me will agree that I am such a good wee boy. I can be naughty, of course, because I am still really a baby, but I understand “no” and I am very anxious to please. 🙂

  6. Hi Solo, John and Maureen, I am a nosey fellow greyhound owner who loves reading about other adopted greyhounds and their new lives. I remember seeing Solo on the GAP site and thinking what a gorgeous face he had 🙂 I watched the movie on the GAP website and noticed his distinctive gait. I hope you don’t think me rude to ask, but why does he hop? Regards, Sarah and Simon (Atonement) from Christchurch.

    • Hello, Sarah and Simon – how lovely of you to drop by! I feel very flattered; I’m acquiring quite a fan club already. I’ll try not to let it go to my head. No one knows for sure why I hop. I was an only puppy, and the vet thinks it might have been birth trauma – or, perhaps, I just never learned to do it properly 🙂 Whatever the reason, I am bright and alert and VERY smart, and I walk perfectly well when we go slowly. Of course, this slightly different way of approaching walking has no effect on me at all when I gallop! Catch me if you caaaaaaaaan! WOO HOO! 🙂

      • Dear Solo, apologies for speaking of you in the second person when obviously you are the author of your own blog 🙂 Well, thank you for explaining your propensity to hop – what a special boy you are 🙂

      • Dear Sarah and Simon – No problem; I perfectly understand. Mum Maureen actually does my typing for me as she says my paws are too big for the keys on the laptop :-). I just lie here and dictate…

  7. Solo, you are so cool. I think you made a great choice of humans. I know … they think THEY chose YOU but we both know it was the other way around. Our cat, Max chose us to be his humans so I know all about how you guys think. Looking forward to hearing more about your new life & new home. Enjoy every minute. Run into the wind smiling with your tongue hanging out. Your life has changed forever in the best possible way. One word of advice … try to be patient with your humans. They are, after all just that … only human.

    • Hello, Linda! Well, of course I am cool. DUH! Don’t worry – I know very well who chose whom (and I’m pretty sure they do, too), and I’m doing my best to keep them in line. Tummy rubs always work well with me, and it keeps them quiet…

  8. Oh, my … you haven’t started rubbing THEIR tummies, have you? Be careful. You could end up with some SRH (that’s Spoiled Rotten Humans) … but that might not be so bad ….

    • Hello Mr Ellis, my Mum and Dad have told me all about your wonderful poetry. I paddled in the sea today and Mum got her feet wet, so I’m getting her well trained… You sound like a very nice person – I hope I’m going to meet you some time. 🙂

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